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I profoundly fucking care that people, women especially, are burning out and compromising the things that matter to them, including themselves.

Human Design,
Self-Evolution and
Energy Coach

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I’ve found a way to simplify things down to what I call my Priori-THREEs™ and disconnect from everything else that in reality was just Bullshit because it is taking my power away from what is truly important.

I’ve been there.

I’ve tried figuring it out on my own and I honestly couldn’t. I was trying to do all the things and ended up getting caught up in them. I became stuck.

I tried getting help from “experts,” one saying A is important, another saying it’s B, another insists it’s C and you run out of letters in the alphabet as the list goes on.

I knew I was meant for more. I was willing to put in the work. It was just in the wrong spaces so the outcome didn’t go towards what I desired to have.

It felt frustrating. Overwhelming. The burnout was real as I felt maybe there was something wrong with me. I mean, why can’t I get it together. 

I knew within I am an incredible CEO and I deserve the luxury of only working towards what’s important to me, without burnout and without making me feel like shit because all my effort is going to nothing. I wasn't willing to sacrifice my family, my purpose or who I am but I do desire soul-based success. For them, for myself, for others.

...and that is FREEDOM. And I want that for you that's why I do what I do.


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