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An in-depth written reading of your Human Design Chart that shows you how you are uniquely designed to make decisions, communicate, share and receive energy, cultivate relationships, thrive and a whole lot more. It covers your gifts and quantum potential in a beautiful guide uniquely made just for you.

Human Design Blueprint


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Michelle T.

I love Tetz's approach in coaching because it's straightforward and personalized. It's helped me professionally (EARNED ME A RAISE IN SALARY!!!), consciously validate myself in a more systematic way, made me a more grounded person and so much more!!!

"An ever supporting badass mentor who doesn't sugarcoat things..."

Tetz helped me with the keywords I'm reflecting on when it comes to communicating who I am based on my Sun sign, Gemini and Human Design (aura type), a Manifestor. 

"Personalized coaching means personalized feedback even for pre-work and homework!

Ann O.

I haven't even finished reading my Human Design Blueprint and I already feel like crying... the feeling that FINALLY, someone understands me!

"The feeling that finally someone understands me!"

Karla D.R.

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A 60-minute 1on1 Coaching Session via Zoom for a live reading of your HD Chart or as a power-hour Soulprint® Session for guidance and clarity on how to leverage your unique Soulprint® for soul-based success on your personal life, your business or both.

1on1 Coaching Session


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"I felt like I was just talking to a friend."

And it's what true coaching should feel like – talking to someone who can guide you but makes you feel heard and understood as well."


It was the best decision ever! I'm so glad I made this choice!"

I felt more connected to the Divine more than ever - like a Rebirth moment! Endless tears that made me feel satisfied to feel like I "belong" in the light again. It was surreal that I was literally lost for words for a day.


"You help me shift the way I look at things."

I never even considered that until Tetz brought it up in our conversation. I struggle to find the right words but Tetz always seem to get it and help me shift the way I look at things.


Get certified in Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki  Millenium, Silver Reiki, Feline Reiki, Bastet's Animal Healing System, Abundance Reiki, Astro Healing System, or be attuned to the energy of Goddess Lilith, the 7 Rainbow Rays, Archangel Metatron, and many others.

Energy Healing Classes

1on1 and Group Classes available
starting at USD40/PHP2,000*



Learning Human Design has been a game changer.

To know that there is something within how I am made and wired to help me manifest the life and business of my dreams gives me such great comfort and assurance.


Finally got the magic formula to make my author branding offer my own!

"I'm going to cry. Your group program brought me deep into what I have been called to do. This is so powerful!"


This Inner Child Wounds Week is powerful!

"I thought I was done with shadow work. Apparently not. This Inner Child Wounds week topic in the SSS program is powerful. I hate you and I love you for it! I've said it once, and I'll say it again... Thank you for doing what you do."


🛑 SAY GOODBYE TO VANILLA MUGGLE BRANDING. Reboot your bland-ass brand or create it from the ground up and infuse your essence into it aligned to your purpose and energy through Human Design, Astrology, and channeled magic.

Soulprint® Branding

Starts at USD100/ PHP5,000 (Introductory Pricing only)

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